About Stephen N. Perkins

Digital Communications Strategist | Dallas, Texas

Stephen helps people communicate and lead with purpose. At the age of 12, he started learning about digital marketing and communications. At 16, he started his first business and got his first speeding ticket. At 19, he founded an online political publication. At 21, he read over 250 pages of dense academic journals and wrote a 15-page paper on their contents in one night. Today, he consults businesses, non-profits, political organizations, and individuals on communications strategy, digital marketing, and organizational leadership.

A deeply intuitive and creative problem-solver with a desire for helping others, Stephen has a passion for keeping things simple, seeing the bigger picture, seeking out the positives in every situation, and supporting others in their ambitions.

Stephen is also a writer and podcaster, regularly authoring pieces on his blog and OUTSET, where he also hosts an eponymous podcast.

Originally from Houston, Stephen is an alumnus of the University of Texas at Arlington, graduating in 2017 with a degree in Political Science. You can follow Stephen on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.