At age 12, when most kids were riding bikes, Stephen Perkins was learning about business and marketing. By age 16, inspired by his family’s tradition of entrepreneurship, he started his own digital marketing company and never looked back.

Today, Stephen helps people inspire and influence others so that they can ignite change in the world. He works with individuals and organizations, consulting on everything from communications strategy and digital marketing to community engagement and leadership development. His clients have included small businesses, non-profits, political organizations, and individuals.

A deeply intuitive and creative problem-solver, Stephen has a passion for keeping things simple, seeing the bigger picture, seeking out the positives in every situation, and supporting others in the process.

Before joining TEAMTRI as a leadership coach and digital marketing manager, Stephen founded OUTSET, a digital network producing commentary for a politically-engaged audience of millennials. He also serves as the founder of OUTSET & Co., a brand development and management firm.

Stephen is an avid writer and podcaster. He regularly authors pieces on his blog and at OUTSET, where he also hosts an eponymous podcast.

An alumnus of the University of Texas at Arlington, Stephen graduated in 2017 with a degree in Political Science. Originally from Houston, he now lives in Dallas. You can follow Stephen on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.