Weekly Recommendations Ed. 2: April 9, 2018

Continuing this month with my goal of becoming a respected social media #influencer and model human, this is a fresh set of recommendations of things for you to consume and enjoy.

Listen: Staying at Tamara’s from George Ezra

Talk about summer JAMS! This album is much like the human who sings its songs – perfection. Whether you’re feeling the beach vibes that “Shotgun” is giving off, living for the intimate sounds of “Hold My Girl,” or in need of a positive and uplifting bop like “Pretty Shining People,” this album is what your ears need to hear.

On another note… I started this Spotify playlist where I’ll be dropping in my favorite songs of any given week. Follow it and critique my music choices, as if yours are any better.

Read: Amazon Isn’t a Villain by Rich Lowry

President Trump is not the biggest fan of Amazon, even though it’s the place you can get La Croix delivered within a few hours (in participating cities). So what’s the big fuss about? Some people believe (read: Only Donald Trump believes) Amazon is taking advantage of the post office to keep shipping prices low. Rich Lowry writes about what’s really behind Trump’s frustration.

Watch: Benji Backer on the Rubin Report

Benji Backer is a good friend of mine and the founder of the American Conservation Coalition, an organization dedicated to providing conservative, free-market solutions to environmental issues. He was recently interviewed by Dave Rubin and it’s a dope watch. Full disclosure that I do leadership development for ACC, but this is my blog so bias should be assumed.

Buy: Indochino Custom Suits

So there I was, in the mood to finally buy a navy blue suit (something I have been wanting for awhile now). I tweeted out that I was looking for one, and a helpful friend recommended I check out Indochino. I had heard of these custom suits before, but I wasn’t about to spend $800 on one. But there it was, a glorious sale that secured mine for only $370. I was hesitant about measuring myself and putting those numbers into their online system, but when the suit arrived, it was almost perfect. A quick tailoring job (which Indochino reimbursed), and I was on my way to feeling like a

Donec iterum,