It’s Now Time to Listen to Christmas Music, TBH!

| Personal Journal

Those who know me understand that I have a lot of strong feelings about a variety of things. Around this time of year, the question of when it’s acceptable to begin listening to Christmas music always comes up. I believe that you can begin listening to Christmas music starting on November 1, a belief that I will die on a hill for.

This is me as a small child showing the world what a gift I am.

However, because I’m also compassionate, I understand that some people like to wait until Thanksgiving, aka the boring dinner salad of holidays (Christmas is the main course and New Year’s is the dessert). So in honor of Thanksgiving being this week, I’ve created the ultimate, definitive playlist of the only Christmas songs worth listening to.

It has something for everyone. Old Souls who prefer the crooners like Frank Sinatra and Michael Bubl√©? They’re in there. Hipsters who want an acoustic reinterpretation of an original? Grab your free-trade sweater and enjoy! Millennials who want to hear people they grew listening to? Have no fear, Penatonix is on this playlist. What I am trying to say is, you will literally weep when Christmas is over.

25 songs for the best 25th day of any month… If you’d like to listen to it (you do), you can do so on Spotify.