My 5 Daily Essential Items

When I began experimenting with a more minimalist lifestyle at the beginning of this year (one of my most successful and lasting monthly experiments), I ran across this quote from The Minimalists:

“Love people. Use things. The opposite never works.”

It’s something I ponder quite regularly, especially as I find more personal items to give away, sell, or throw out. I have found that pairing down items gives you more time to focus on other things.

With that said, we all have the items that we can’t live without – the things that we use just about every single day. I have about five items that I consider my daily essentials.

They are…

1. MacBook Pro

I bought this beauty in late 2014 after my MacBook Air drowned itself in water (or maybe I spilled water on it, I can’t recall.) I have named her Mackenzie and she is essentially the number one tool that allows me to get everything done. Side note: the fact that the Facebook Live sticker does not align with the other stickers severely disturbs me. Facebook, send me another!

2. Moleskine Bullet Journal

I have experimented with many kind of journals, and by far my favorite system is the bullet journal system. The reason why I like it so much is because it is both methodical and flexible. It has some core features that stay consistent from week-to-week and month-to-month, but enough space for creativity within those times. I use a large Moleskine Squared notebook because it’s a classic brand that is well-priced and available at common shops like Target.

3. Buck Knife

This knife was given to me on Christmas and I use it for opening boxes, cleaning my nails, and self-defense (although the need has not yet come up, thankfully). It’s basic, classic, and still sharp after six years of use. Please ignore the dust on my desk – I swear I clean.

4. iPhone 6 Plus

It’s amazing to think that this particular device will one day be in a museum because it has… wait for it… A HEADPHONE JACK! Amazing technology that Apple killed off because they are literally the worst. The only downside about this phone is that the battery is dead by 7 PM, but that’s not too bad. When I have to replace it, I’ll get a 6s Plus.

5. My Bags

Every functioning adult needs something to put other things into. I have two bags – one classic-looking brown Tommy Hilfiger laptop bag and one more trendy but simple grey Herschel backpack. I use the laptop bag most often, whether it be for trips to the coffee shop or travel purposes, and I use the backpack for carrying more gear than just a laptop or when I feel like being a little bit of a hipster.

And that’s it, the five things you’d likely find me carrying around every day. What are yours?