Morning 1

How I Spend My Mornings

I am not a morning person but the world requires that I am at least conscious during morning hours. So here is how I spent my mornings.

7:00 AM: I wake up to my phone’s second or third alarm because I snoozed the first few (sorry, not sorry). Since my phone is the first thing I touch, I pick it up and begin browsing social media, checking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit to see what happened while I was asleep. I never check email first thing in the morning, however, but I will read any texts I received.

7:30 AM: After spending way too much time in bed on my phone, I go to the restroom and look at my tired-looking face in the mirror. I make a self-deprecating comment to myself and get dressed and ready for my walk or run.

7:45 AM: I exit my bedroom and start drinking water. I’ll then typically cook myself a light breakfast of eggs with a side of breakfast meat or meat alternative. Occasionally, I’ll have plain oatmeal, but not that often because every day can’t be a vacation.

8:00 AM: Checking that my podcasts have been downloaded, I head out for a morning walk or jog. I hate running, but doing it for at least 15-minutes makes me feel better about my life during the day and less guilty about the dessert I will inevitably have that evening. If I walk (which is most days, let’s be honest), I’ll do that for a longer time – about 30 minutes.

8:30-8:45 AM: Returning home from my run (read: walk), I’ll shower quickly and get dressed for the day. My usual outfit, thanks for asking, consists of blue jeans and a button-up shirt. 9.9 times out of 10, there is something navy blue on my body.

9:00 AM: This is when I sit down at my desk to plan my day on paper in my bullet journal with a glass of cold brew coffee. I look at my iCalendar to fill in any appointments I may have, but otherwise I know what tasks I need to do that day without needing to look at email or something like that. Sometimes I cheat and fill in tasks the night before because I know I will forget.

9:10 AM: Two hours after waking – and after my tasks and priorities for the day are already set – is when I finally check my email accounts (I have seven of them because I am dumb). Anything that can be responded to quickly gets a response, but messages that need a more thoughtful response will be saved for later in the day unless it’s urgent. Any tasks that come up get put into my bullet journal, but with a special mark to indicate that they are from email, not my pre-set daily priorities.

9:30 AM: By this time, I’m logged into Skype and Slack and begin the day’s work. I’ll typically end work around 6:00 PM unless I have meetings or calls that run later.