The Curative Power of Clarity

| Purpose

Of all the health challenges that run in my family, the only one I have personally encountered so far (thankfully) has been a problem with vision. I got my first pair of glasses in seventh grade, but I didn’t start wearing them regularly until late high school. Today, I wear them every day because I can’t read, drive, or generally function without them.

Sometimes, however, I don’t feel like wearing my glasses. And when I don’t – when I don’t take advantage of the clarity that my glasses provide –  I become uncomfortable and slightly frustrated.

The same thing happens when we lack clarity in our lives about why we do what we do. It’s easy to relieve the negative feelings that accompany a lack of clear eyesight – you can just grab your glasses or contacts, physical objects, and solve the problem instantly. But when it comes to a lack of clear lifesight, however, there is not some tangible tool you can grab to solve the problem in a second.

Finding our purpose, our mission, or our why is a process that takes time and an intentional attitude. But when you do finally discover it – when you achieve that sense of clarity – the world suddenly becomes a whole lot more enjoyable.