Know Your Weaknesses

| Leadership

One of the most challenging parts of business, I’ve found, is long-term planning. Long term thinking – the big picture, conceptual stuff – comes easy for me, but making and executing a plan for how to get those big ideas done has been a pain. in. the. bum.

It’s my biggest challenge.

The natural inclination – aided by advice from big-name “experts” – is to focus on your strengths, leaving your weaknesses by the wayside because, I don’t know, they’ll somehow just disappear?

The challenge is, when we are weak in vital areas, how are we supposed to be successful? We won’t. Unless, of course, we face our weaknesses and learn to break through them.

As I said, I’m bad at long-term planning, so I surround myself with people who are better at it; people who will ask me question that make me think about the specifics. The intention is not to make them responsible for my shortcomings, but to push me through mine. And, in return, I am hopefully pushing them through theirs.

We can accept our weaknesses and let them hold us back, or we can fight them like hell until the table is turned and the only thing we have to worry about is our own willpower.