Stephen Perkins Program – Episode 11

It’s been a busy past couple of weeks but I am back on the grind, producing this week’s podcast episode for you. To start off the show, I give a brief update on what has been going on in my life recently. I then talk about my time at the Defending The American Dream Summit this past weekend, Governor Rick Perry’s indictment, the controversy surrounding an anti-date rape nail polish, and more!

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Wait, People Are Actually Against This Anti-Date Rape Nail Polish?

I’ll confess, I have a love hate relationship with the Internet. I love it because it allows me to take quizes such as “what piece of IKEA furniture are you?” But I also hate the Internet because it is full of people who have too much time on their hands. Time that they use to troll and stir up controversy. Last week, we learned of a group of four students at North Carolina State University who had enough of the date-rape epidemic. To combat this ever growing issue, they invented a nail polish that changes color when it detects date-rape drugs. In application, young women could dip their finger into their glasses to make sure they’re not about to be victimized. But for some reason, every time something beneficial to society is created, there are people who love to take the side of the opposition, just for the hell of it. In this case, thousands of people (including many extreme feminists) reacted in an incredibly negative way, saying that such an invention promotes the date-rape culture and is anti-woman.

Promotes Date-Rape?

First, let’s talk about the absurd idea that a date-rape drug detecting nail polish is supposedly going to promote date-rape. It’s a concept that baffles me because it is so completely wrong. But if such a claim is true, do these opponents also believe that rape whistles promote rape and tasers promote violence towards women? I would hope not! The biggest argument against this nail polish goes like this: “Instead of creating a nail polish that detects date-rape drugs, why don’t people just not rape other people?” I have to give them credit – that’s a very good question. Why can’t rapists just stop raping people? The world would totally be a better place if rapists just found a better hobby. But unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect, fairy-tale world where we can stop bad things with one simple command. Rape is, unfortunately, something that happens on a daily basis. On college campuses, rape and date-rape is a problem, no doubt. But it’s not just something that we can make stop. That’s why we need measures in place to reduce the risk of a young woman being raped.


The argument that this nail polish is anti-woman makes me scratch my head. Here we have a product that was invented to keep young women from becoming a rape victim, yet somehow that’s demeaning towards women. It’s a tool for women to protect themselves and yet people are labeling it as a tool to oppress women.

Feminists claim that this is just another attempt by evil men to tell women how to stop getting raped. But in reality, we’re not telling them how to not get rapped. We’re presenting to them a tool they can utilize to prevent rape because, again, our world is not perfect and we can’t stop rape with the drop of a hat.

An Epidemic of Ignorance

And then there are people like this:

Did you cringe? Because I sure did! But this tweet is actually representative of a much larger issue that my beloved Internet creates – there is a severe epidemic of ill-informed people who feel the need to comment on topics they know nothing about. I get it, it’s hard to see people talking about something on your Twitter feed without wanting to jump in and give your two cents. But if you don’t know anything about the topic, or if you just read a headline and maybe the lead paragraph, you’re just going to embarrass yourself and your side.

The Truth

I stand with feminists in the hope that we can one day make rape a thing of the past. I completely agree with my feminist friends that rape is a terrible thing that has to be stopped. But while feminists want to stop rape immediately, I understand the reality that such a wish is not possible. So in the meantime, we have to empower women to keep themselves and their bodies safe. So let me make my position very clear – I am whole-heartedly against rape. Therefore, I am completely in favor of this latest invention which I am confident will prevent and decrease rape across the world.

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Robin Williams

A Tribute to Robin Williams

I’ve heard it said that some of the funniest people sometimes live the saddest lives. When it comes to Robin Williams, I don’t know much about his personal life, even though he was very open about his struggles with drugs and alcohol. But what I do know is that he was more than a legendary comedian – he was an artist, an inspiration, and a man who made us smile and feel better with characters that he put every effort into creating.

Probably my favorite movie of his is Dead Poets Society, where he plays a English teacher at a boy’s school. In that movie, his character talks a lot about being yourself, living life to the fullest, and leaving a legacy - lessons that you just don’t find in modern films because people find these topics boring. But Williams created a character that made these lessons not only entertaining and powerful, but memorable.

And that is really the story of his entire career – people remembered his roles. Whether he was the star, or simply making a cameo, his time on screen was nothing short of incredible.

I want to personally thank Robin Williams for every single piece of art that he created. He influenced me in surprising ways. Above all, he taught me to be myself in a world of duplicates.

I went to my local record shop this afternoon to browse. As I rounded the corner to the comedy section, I found an early album of his. That album is now sitting with the rest of my record collection, just waiting to be played.

Rest in peace, Mr. Williams

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Western Wall

Peace Is Possible: A Message on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

On the latest episode of my podcast, I sent a message to the people affected by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Below is an edited transcript of that message. You can listen to the full episode HERE.

Peace is Possible: Transcript

I do not understand the pain and the fear that you live in. And I don’t know what it’s like to have my family killed, or my neighborhood turned into a war-zone. I don’t know what it’s like to live in a region where there is constant war and oppression going on. But I can tell you what I do understand, and I think it’s something that everyone can understand because, in some way shape or form, we’ve all been in a situation where bad things have happened… What we can all understand is the feeling of just wanting the chaos to end. Just wanting conflict to be over with.

I want to tell you something today that may seem like a contradiction. When it comes to this conflict, I support Israel. And I also support Palestine. I do not, however, support Hamas. And I don’t think anyone who believes in peace and who wants peace for themselves or their family or their country – I don’t believe anyone who holds peace dear to them – can support Hamas. I don’t think anyone who has taken off the rose-tinted glasses support Hamas. It is fairly clear now that Hamas is an incredibly reckless and destructive organization whose only goal is complete political, geographical, and cultural victory. And they do not care who they take down in that quest for victory – not even if it’s their own people, who voted them in.

I understand the feeling of being betrayed by your government. I understand the feeling of fearing your government’s activities. Because our government here in the United States is a lot like yours in Palestine – we elected the wrong people. And now we are seeing the effect of that.

Let me tell you what I believe: I strongly believe in a world where Israel can stand with Palestine, united against tyranny, as friends. But here’s what you must do first: If you want peace like I want peace, you must first denounce your fraudulent leaders – get them out! Whether by force or by the vote, get Hamas out! Replace them with people who just want the best, people who are willing to forge friendships. People who have the primary goal of peace and prosperity. Disconnect yourself from the hatred. Come together with Israel and make historic compromise like the world has never seen before.

You have to understand that your two nations will never agree on everything. But what I believe you have to do is make a pact with each other – a pact that says ‘we will not despise each other because of our differences, but we will try our hardest to love each other, because that’s what our God has called us to do. Whether you are a Muslim, a Christian, or Jewish – every religion is united in the idea that we should come together and love each other. In my faith, it’s called ‘loving thy neighbor’ and ‘treating others as you would want to be treated.’

Coexist with your fellow man and get over your differences.

Peace is possible with understand and detachment from destructive things, destructive thoughts, but most importantly, destructive people. If you get rid of Hamas, you get rid of this conflict. You get rid of a future of destruction and hate. Peace is possible, and I hope and I pray that the people of Israel and the people of Palestine come together, stand together, and make that pact.

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President Obama

Leadership Is About Maturity: a Profile of President Obama’s Leadership

President Obama has made it clear in his second term that he is done trying to deal with Republicans in Congress. Instead, he has issued a number of threats to completely bypass the legislative branch through executive actions, a practice he criticized Bush for doing during his 2008 campaign. And occasionally, he goes beyond the threat and actually takes matters into his own hands, as he did recently when he alone raised the minimum wage for federal employees to $10.10 an hour.

Perhaps the most relevant display of his stubbornness is his recent ultimatum to Republicans regarding the border crisis. On Air Force One, White House Deputy Press Secretary, Eric Schultz, declared that President Obama was uninterested in developing a deal over immigration with Republicans in the House. Instead, the White House is urging Republicans to give the President the $3.7 billion he requested to help overwhelmed government agencies deal with the surge of illegal immigrants. Any offer or deal other than the $3.7 billion will be automatically rejected. In a sense, the President is taking a page out of a kidnappers playbook – hand over the money, or the hostage gets it. In this situation, the hostage is anything from the security of our southern border to the United States as a whole.

But if we simply think about that for a moment, perhaps a shudder of fear and disgust will suddenly come over us. The President of the United States has resorted childlike stubbornness and is now saying “if we don’t play on my terms, we don’t play at all.” As the leader of the free world, that’s low.

During my time in leader positions for various organizations, I have attended many leadership trainings in the form of seminars, workshops, weekend camps, and even online lessons. And if there is one thing I learned from those trainings, it is that leadership is about working with people in a mature and reasonable manner. It’s a lesson that, I believe, President Obama either forgot or never learned in the first place. And who would have guessed it? A “community organizer” turned three year Senator who was then hoisted to the national stage to become one of the most fruitless leaders in the history of the United States. And after eight years on the job, his only legacy is a glitchy takeover of healthcare and a schedule crammed with fundraising trips.

And how unfortunate for the country that reality is? After all, we find ourselves in a situation messier than a teenage girl’s bedroom, but we are stuck with an executive administration who refuses to be mature when they need to the most. Instead, the Obama administration will be remembered for their self-absorbed personalities and destructive and ineffective teamwork skills.

We can only hope that our next President has maturity, and not the mentality of a kidnapper.

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Video: Pres. Obama’s Own Community Turns on Him

“He’ll probably go down as the worst president ever elected.”

That is one of the many anti-Obama comments made by African-Americans in a recent video by Rebel Pundit. The video, which showed multiple Chicago-residents, shows President Obama’s own community starting to turn against him for his failure to help inner-city communities like theirs.

“Mr. President… you’re spending billions of dollars in Texas, but we have a problem here in Chicago,” one woman said.

Watch the full video via Rebel Pundit:

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Stephen Perkins Program – Episode 9

On this week’s show, I spent a lot of time talking about the crisis at the border and President Obama’s refusal to act. I also talked about the new criminal justice reform bill by the Senate’s new odd couple, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) and Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ). Finally, I blasted Gov. Rick Perry for his criticism of Rand Paul’s noninterventionist policies.

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How To Fix The Border: Simple Solutions We Could All Get Behind

Ever since I talked about the border crisis two weeks ago on my podcast, the situation has unfolded to become one of the biggest humanitarian crises that we have ever seen in the United States. And this has caused a lot of discussion about how to fix our border and make sure that this kind of security breach never happens again.

Below are a couple of simple ideas that our politicians could enact quickly.

Note: The basic ideas of some of the below solutions were originally proposed by Greta Van Susteren.

First and foremost, secure the border.

There is this myth that we don’t have enough money to build a quality fence, but that’s simply not true. Here’s an idea: instead of handing out money to countries that don’t like us or don’t have our bests interests in mind, let’s use that money to build an actual fence on the southern border.

Then, put forces on the border.

Again, a very simple idea: Instead of deploying our National Guard (who are supposed to remain in the states) to the Middle East to fight other country’s ciil wars, put the National Guard troops across the border to work hand-in-hand with US Border Patrol agents.

What about the illegal aliens already here?

Here’s where it gets a little controversial, because it’s an answer that doesn’t involve mass deportation that is both expensive and ineffective. Instead, we should offer green cards with limited rights. For example, they would be able to live and work in the US, but they would not be able to vote and they would be required to stay out of trouble. However, if the recipients of these limited green cards wish to become a citizen, they will be able to do so in the same way as anyone else.

And what about those who are here on overstayed visas?

Simple: If they are caught, deport them and ban them from entering the US, applying for a visa, or applying for citizenship, for anywhere between 5 and 10 years.

Finally, let’s reward the people who come here to learn.

If you come to the United States to earn your Master’s of Doctorate degree, and you wish to live and work in the United States, you should be able to apply for a green card or citizenship in an easy and expedited manner. This will attract intelligent immigrants who want to contribute to the US economy.

These are all simple and realistic solutions that both liberals and conservatives can get behind. These solutions secure our border, attract quality immigrants, and alleviate the burden that illegal immigration places on our country.

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Our Light Will Shine Again: A 4th of July Message


You and I both know that there are a lot of complicated and discouraging events unfolding in our country as of late. Our government is getting bigger, our borders are being compromised, and the party that once stood up for conservative values is abandoning its principles and even its own members.

We’re in trouble and the solutions to our problems aren’t coming from Washington because, as Ronald Reagan said, “Government is the problem.”

I believe that the United States of America is the greatest experiment of democracy and freedom ever conducted. Since our birth, we have been a shining city on a hill, proudly on display for the world to see.

But I’m afraid that light is dimming and our experiment is starting to produce negative results because our lawmakers have become corrupt and careless.

You see, our representatives in Washington are tasked with carrying out this experiment and seeing it through with the help of our experiment manual – the Constitution. Within that document is the instructions for a successful experiment, but our leaders seem to be ignoring it. They are instead running this country with their own agendas. They refuse to pay attention to the ideas of limited government, individual liberty, personal responsibility, and the free market – all principles that are clearly laid out in our constitution.

But unlike some people, I think America still has a chance. I believe that we can still take back control over this grand experiment in democracy and show the world that our American principles work! I believe that America’s greatest days are ahead of her. And I believe the light on that hill will one day shine with blinding brightness once again.

The future of our country rests not in the hands of our politicians, but in ourselves. Throughout our history, it has been the citizens who have kept our nation together.

We owe it to future generations to preserve this country that we love so much.

On this fourth of July, I urge you to remember why this country was founded. Remember why our founders signed their names to that document that started “We the people.” And remember the blood that was spilt by the generations before us in order to preserve our imperfect but bold union.

Keep up the good fight and never turn your back on Lady Liberty.


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