The BEST Takedown of the Modern Feminist Movement I’ve Ever Read

I wrote a piece on OUTSET back in October about a video that was created by FCKH8. In their video, a group of young girls are heard screaming obscenities all in the name of equality. I was furious!

Read & Watch: The Effing Feminists Have Done It Again

Last night I came across an article on Thought Catalog, of all places, by a Tara Kennedy-Kline, a wife and mother of two boys. It is hands down the BEST takedown of the modern-day feminist movement I have ever read.

Here is an excerpt:

When the term feminism turned from being a message of empowerment and gender fairness to basically a list of rules, restrictions, idiosyncrasies, offenses and grievances directed at all things male, I tapped out. I do not believe that opposite sexes can ever be completely equal, as there are very specific limitations for each gender.

The author does a great job making the point that I believe to be true: the idea of feminism is not bad, but the modern-day feminist movement, one that wishes to demonize men, needs top be stopped.

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Top 5 Reasons To Vote Early

Early voting started today in my state of Texas, as well as in many states across the country. In addition to it being your civid duty, there are other great reasons to get out and vote!

Here are the top five reasons to cast your ballot early:

1.) Early voting helps your candidate’s chances of winning

When you cast your vote early, your preferred candidate no longer has to worry about getting your vote (which can be kind of sad). They will be able to better focus their last-minute campaigning efforts on people who are either undecided or are not motivated to vote.

2.) Early voting means shorter lines

Combine the lines of a Chick-fil-A at noon and an Apple store on the release date of a new product. That’s what lines could look like on election day if we didn’t have early voting. If you don;t enjoy waiting in lines, go out and vote early!

3.) Early voting takes care of all the what-if scenarios

What if you get sick on election day? What if you get a flat tire? What if you have to work? What if someone randomly drops a baby on your doorstep and you now have to take care of this child? By voting early, you can avoid these situations getting in your way.

4.) Early voting gives you time to clear up any errors!

If there is an error with your voter registration, it’s best to find out during early voting when you have more time to try to fix it then waiting until election day!

5.) Early voting feeds your inner hipster

Think about it: Early voting means you get to vote before the masses do! You might as well wear a flannel shirt and a fedora to your polling place.

Find out where your polling place is located by going to your state’s voting information website!


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Stephen Perkins Program – Episode 16

I was unfortunately required to address Ebola once again on this week’s program. It’s something I don’t like to do because, with all the misinformation floating around in the world, I don’t want anyone to take a sarcastic comment of mine as the truth.

In addition to Ebola, I talk about the Texas Voter ID Law that was recently reinstated, the controversy surrounding Houston and their subpoena of church sermons, and Rick Scott’s terrible debate performance, all because of a fan.

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Stephen Perkins Program – Episode 15

On the program this week, I give my opinion about Raven-Symone’s latest comments to Oprah Winfrey that she’s not “gay” or an “African-American” – but an American. I then discuss the week’s biggest news, including the death of the Texas Ebola patient, a new poll about millennials and politics, and the Supreme Court’s decision to not hear a same-sex marriage case. All of this and then some on episode 15 of The Stephen Perkins Program!

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Stephen Perkins Program – Episode 14

On this week’s program, I talk about the Ebola outbreak in Dallas and Washington, D.C., as well as why I love Julia Pierson, the former Secret Service Director who resigned Wednesday. I then play my recent interview with Sam Whitfield of NGC media.

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Stephen Perkins Program – Episode 13

On this week’s program, I talk about the resurgence of podcasting and what it means for the future of media. I then went over this week’s news, including the beheading in Oklahoma, Eric Holder’s resignation, the military’s new policy allowing illegals to serve, Obama’s UN speech on climate change, and Jeb Bush’s 2016 presidential campaign.

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Barack Obama

You May Agree With Obama Politically, But You Can’t Deny This

If you read this blog, my tweets, or listen to my podcast, the two things that I am about to say won’t come as a shock to you:

  1. I don’t agree with President Obama politically
  2. I think President Obama is a terrible leader (a belief I previously wrote about)

I got into a discussion recently with a friend who can easily be described as a liberal about the President and his past 6 years in office.

After discussing various points, I hit them with something I figured they could not possibly repudiate – The President is a poor leader.

Oddly enough, even though this is a president who spends more time on the golf course than the oval office, my friend said the president was a good leader. For proof, he pointed out how Obama was able to pass his signature healthcare “reform”, got rid of “don’t ask, don’t tell, and how he “ended the war” in Iraq (or did he?).

I died a little inside. Did my friend just judge someone’s quality of leadership by citing their accomplishments?

I didn’t think this had to be said, but I guess it does: Someone can be both an effective champion of ideas while at the same time being a terrible leader.

In terms of the president’s record, you can very well praise him for getting health care reform passed, but that’s something he did with a Democratic Congress. It was hardly a test of his leadership. And when it came to ordering the killing of Osama bin Laden, another thing that liberals commonly cite as a great accomplishment, that is something that would have been done by any other president (except for Bill Clinton).

As a leader of his party, he was no doubt instrumental in organizing people to get out and vote in both 2008 and 2012. But he is even starting to slip as a party leader as well. Recently, the Democrats have started to put him out to pasture because they know he is losing his touch with the rest of the American people. In fact, many prominent Democrats up for reelection are now saying that they would rather the president not appear with them at campaign stops. Ouch!

The left can praise Obama for advancing the progressive agenda, but they cannot praise him for being a strong leader.

The fact is, President Obama is a reactive leader, not a proactive one like we need and expect our presidents to be. You can agree with him politically, but you have no choice but to call him what he is – a poor leader for our country.

If you want to read more about Obama’s lack of leadership, read this post I published a couple of months ago.

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